Our journey with 'Security Me' was an exhilarating adventure in creativity.

We embraced the project with a unique vision, intertwining the world of animation with an 80's retro music vibe, something we've been eager to experiment with for a long time. The project became a playground where classic tunes met modern animation, creating a nostalgic yet fresh experience. This fusion, a testament to our creative exploration during my tenure at Animwood, exemplified how vintage inspirations and contemporary techniques can coalesce to craft truly memorable content.

Character animation

Our focus was on animating a range of emotions and facial expressions. It was a delightful experience, as we dedicated extra attention to acting out each emotion, bringing authentic expressiveness into every frame and turning it into a fun-filled venture in visual storytelling

Motion graphics
Making of

Discover the magic behind our animation process in our 'Making of' feature. Dive into a fascinating world where we've melded After Effects 3D layers with camera parallax techniques and harnessed the power of Moho 13 for character animation using 2.5D headturns.



Skyler Michaels


Clouds in the sky team


Paweł Granatowski

Maja Krajewska

Sara Szymocha

Jennifer Dzieło


Maciek Butscher