Pawel Granatowsky

Pawel Granatowsky Video Producer Motion Designer Character Animator

Hello! I'm Pawel Granatowsky, a motion designer with over a decade of experience in the industry, working with globally recognized brands and various agencies. Throughout this time, I've succeeded in being a juror at and have crafted character animation courses for My portfolio is adorned with nearly 40 awards and recognitionson In 2018, I co-founded the animation studio, where I served as a Lead animator and marketing strategist. However, my aspirations evolved over time, leading to the establishment of my own boutique studio,, which you are visiting right now :)


My mission is to collaborate with the best artists available worldwide and create high-quality stories that delight
the eyes, mind, and soul. It's crucial for me to be deeply connected with the work I do and to give it my all. Additionally, I always strive to support young artists; whenever time allows,I offer guidance on their development and provide help, aiming to nurture the next generation of creative talent.