Exploring Bitcoin Mining: A Documentary Journey

Dive into the heart of Bitcoin mining with DIRTY COIN, a groundbreaking documentary by award-winning filmmaker Alana Mediavilla

Innovative Storytelling

Dive deep into the Bitcoin mining saga through a documentary that pairs investigative depth with creative animation. This journey offers a fresh perspective, inviting viewers to draw their own conclusions about the complexities of digital currency.

Balanced Perspectives

Directed by the visionary Alana, the film traverses the intricate landscape of Bitcoin without bias. It unfolds the environmental, technological, and societal aspects, prompting you to ponder and form your insights.

Global Insights

From debates on energy consumption to innovative environmental solutions, the documentary spans diverse viewpoints. It's an invitation to explore and engage in the dialogue surrounding the impact and future of Bitcoin mining.

Behind the Scenes: Art Meets Tech

The making of this film integrates comic-inspired illustrations with cutting-edge 2.5D animation techniques, employing tools like Moho 14 and After Effects. This creative approach enriches the narrative, offering an engaging visual experience.

Your Journey to Discovery

This documentary is more than a film; it's a catalyst for debate and exploration, encouraging a deeper investigation into the enigma of Bitcoin. With its unique mix of visual storytelling and factual investigation, it places the power of interpretation in your hands.



Alana Mediavilla


Paweł Granatowski


Sebastian Komorowski